Wool Wreath Craft

This is a super fun Christmas craft to do with the kids. Most of us have some cardboard and wool lying around. You can use whatever you like to decorate it. We have used stick on flowers. You could use beads or sequins.


  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Wool
  • Stickers/sequins/beads


  1. Draw a large circle on cardboard with a slightly smaller circle in the middle (see picture).
  2. Cut out the circle outline and the centre.
  3. Cut a large piece of wool and tie one end to your cardboard circle.
  4. Begin winding wool around the cardboard to cover all the cardboard with wool.
  5. At the end make a loop with the string and tie to secure the end. This will be how you hang your decoration.
  6. Glue sequibs or stick stickers around your wreath.
  7. Hang on the tree.