Watermelon Christmas Tree Ice Blocks

If you are looking for a healthy Christmas afternoon treat then you have come to the right place. Christmas time in New Zealand is in the middle of summer so something healthy to cool the kids down in the afternoon is the perfect treat. This recipe is gluten and dairy free as it uses coconut yoghurt. The watermelon has been frozen to create a healthy ice block alternative but you could easily serve them fresh instead.

– watermelon
– coconut yoghurt
– blueberries
– cookie cutters – Christmas tree

1. Cut a thick slice of watermelon and then arrange tree cookie cutter at the edge so that the rind becomes a green tree trunk shape.
2. Spoon over coconut yoghurt, leaving a little strip of pink watermelon at the bottom of the tree so there is some colour on the tree.
3. Arrange blueberries on the watermelon slices to look like Christmas decorations.
4. Place in freezer for 2 hours.
5. Serve.