Traffic Light Fruit Ice Blocks

The weather is getting warmer and Abi has been asking for ice blocks in the afternoon post kindy. I am not keen on having sugary store brought ice blocks too often so we decided to make some of our own. To make it more exciting we made them traffic light colours so she thought they were pretty special. You can use whatever red, orange and green fruit you like to make the colours. Both kids absolutely loved eating these healthy ice block treats.

– 3/4 C raspberries
– 2 large oranges
– 2 large kiwifruit

1. First use a stick blender or food processor to blitz the raspberries. Place blended raspberries into ice block mould.
2. Peel and cut up oranges. Blend orange and place on top of raspberry layer in ice block mould.
3. Finally, peel and cut up kiwifruit. Blend kiwifruit and place on top of orange layer.
4. Place ice block sticks into fruit mixtures. Freeze until set.