Spa Day

The cooler autumn days are coming and that means more time inside with the kids. Why not warm up with a nice warm foot spa and relax with an edible face mask while getting your toe nails painted. Abigail absolutely loved getting pampered and loves the frequent foot spas they have at kindergarten on cold days.

– nailpolish
– robe
– towel
– large bowl/bucket
– warm soapy water
– cucumber – cut into 2 round discs
– 1/4 C cooked oats
– 1 T plain yoghurt
– 1 t runny honey

1. Wrap a small towel around head and put on a comfy robe.
2. Fill a large bowl/bucket with warm soapy water. Sit with feet in the hot soapy water.
3. Combine cooked oats, yoghurt and honey and apply to face. Place cucumber discs over eyes and sit back and relax for 10 minutes. Rinse face with warm water.
4. Dry feet and paint finger and toe nails with chosen nail polish colours.