Simple Spooky Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween is this weekend so I decided to come up with some very simple ways you can decorate cupcakes for a kids party, afternoon tea or lunchbox treat. So simple you can even leave the decorating to the kids. Some spooky Oreo spiders, freaky M & M monsters and creepy The Natural Confectionery Company Snakes for worms in dirt.

– batch of cupcakes (I did vanilla with vanilla icing)
– Oreos – chocolate biscuits
– Snake lollies
– M & Ms
– Lolly teeth
– Spinkles/edible pearls
– Coloured icing for decorating


Place one oreo biscuit onto cupcake. Pipe on two icing eyes and top with an edible pearl. Pipe on the spider legs with chocolate icing.

Use rolling pin to crumble Oreo biscuits into pieces. Sprinkle cupcakes with Oreo crumb and top with a snake lolly.

Place one set of lolly teeth on cupcake. Pipe on one, two or three eyes and top with M & Ms. Pipe a small amount of icing on the M & M and top with an edible pearl.