Santa Fruit Kebab

These Santa fruit kebabs are the perfect plate to bring to a playgroup or kindergarten Christmas party. A mix of treats and healthy fruit is a great option for preschoolers. They are quick and easy to make.

– bananas
– strawberries
– red M + Ms
– marshmallows
– 1/4 C icing sugar
– red gel icing pen
– bamboo skewers

1. Slice each banana into 4 segments.
2. Cut the top leaves off the strawberries.
3. Cut a few marshmallows into quarters.
4. Thread banana segment onto a skewer. Follow with a marshmallow and then a strawberry. Top with one of the small quarter pieces of marshmallow.
5. Mix icing sugar with a small amount of water to make a paste. Put a small dot of this icing on the banana and stick on an M + M. The icing will act as a glue for the M + M.
6. Lastly pipe on two small red eyes with your red icing gel pen.
7. Serve as soon as possible.