Rock Painting, Hiding and Hunting

Both the kids and I love painting rocks and taking them to local parks and hiding them for others to find. My daughter’s face lights up everytime she discovers a rock on one of our walks. We follow the Whanganui Rocks page on Facebook and post our hides and finds on there. Most cities and towns in New Zealand has their own Rocks Facebook page and if we hide or find rocks in other cities we always post on the local pages. It is an awesome activity to motivate kids to get outside and go for a walk and also to participate in some craft at the same time. I think it also teaches my kids to be fair and share rocks with others.

– Rocks
– House paint
– Nail Polish

1. Paint the rocks with exterior house paint (I used white so that Abigail’s painting could be seen easily on a white background). Let dry overnight.
2. Let the kids go for it, painting with different colours of nail polish.
3. Hide in your locals parks or along the paths of popular walks in your area.
4. Post pictures of your hides and finds on your local Rocks Facebook page.