Reindeer Decoration

This is the perfect afternoon Christmas activity to do with kids. These little reindeer look effective and your children will love hanging their own creation on the tree.

– cardboard
– glue
– tape
– googly eyes
– pipe cleaners
– brown string/twine
– pompoms

1. Cut a triangle shape out of a piece of card.
2. Begin wrapping the string around the cardboard dipping it in glue as you go so that it will dry onto your card. Make sure you keep it tight and the rows close together. Let dry.
3. Cut pipe cleaners into two pieces and wrap one around the other so you have 3 points for the antlers.
4. Cut a piece of string and make a loop so you can hang up you reindeer.
5. Either use glue or tape to secure the antlers and loop of string to the back of your cardboard. Antlers on each side and sting in the centre.
6. Glue two googly eyes on the front of the cardboard in the centre.
7. Finally glue a pompom nose on the front of the cardboard at the bottom triangle point.
8. Let dry and hang on your Christmas tree.