Recycled Bottle Aeroplane

For today’s craft we decided to use a few things from our rather large pile of recycling due to being at home on lock down. We used an old cardboard box and an empty juice bottle to make an aeroplane. Your kids will have so much fun creating their plane and running around using up all their energy to fly their plane around the house or backyard.

– plastic bottle
– cardboard
– paint
– paper
– tape
– scissors

1. Trace the outline of the bottle lid onto a piece of cardboard and cut out this circle and a bow type shape to be the front propeller.
2. Cut 6 small circles of card to be the plane windows.
3. Cut two wing shapes and a tail for the plane.
4. Paint all pieces of cardboard and let dry.
5. Make two slits in the plastic bottle to fit the wings in place.
6. Wrap a piece of paper around the middle of the bottle and secure with tape. Make sure you make two slits in this piece of paper too for the wings to go through.
7. Use tape to stick 3 windows on each side of the plane.
8. Place a wing on each side of the plane in the slits you have made in bottle and paper.
9. Place propeller on the front of the bottle and secure the tail on the back of the bottle with tape.
10. Done!