Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Pine cone Christmas trees are a cute little decoration to have on your mantle piece or shelf. My children loved painting the pine cones and were impressed with the Christmas trees once when they were done. I made the tree bases for them but if you have older children doing this craft they could do this part themselves. You could add more decorations to your trees such as pompoms, sequins and stars.

– pine cones
– green poster paint
– paintbrush
– glitter nail polish
– egg carton
– twine/string
– PVA glue
– hot glue gun

1. Rinse pine cones and let dry.
2. Paint entire pine cone in green paint. Let dry.
3. Using glitter nail polish paint a layer over the green pine cone. Let dry.
4. Cut egg carton into single egg compartments.
5. Cut a piece of twine/string long enough to cover egg carton.
6. Coat twine in PVA glue and wrap tightly around egg carton. Let dry.
7. Use hot glue gun to glue finished pine cone to single egg carton. Let dry.
8. Display pine cone Christmas tree.