Paper Weaving

Today Abi and I did some paper weaving. She was very focused and enjoyed this easy prep activity. We ended up making her weaved paper creation into a birthday card. You could use whatever paper you have around the house for this paper weaving activity.

– paper – 2 different colours or patterns
– pen
– scissors
– tape or glue

1. One on piece of paper cut out the shape you wish to weave we did a basic square but you could do whatever shape you like for example a heart.
2. Fold paper in half and use a pen to draw lines on your paper. Cut along the lines you have drawn leaving a couple of centimetres uncut at the end.
3. Cut your other piece of paper into strips the same width as you cut on your first piece of paper.
4. Weave the strips of paper alternating over and under.
5. Secure the ends with tape or glue.
6. To make into a card glue a plain piece of paper to the back and fold in half.