Paper Dolls – Fabric Clothes

Abigail has been very interested in drawing faces and people at the moment. So we decided to make some paper dolls for her to draw faces. Instead of colouring in clothes we used old pieces of fabric to make outfits for the paper dolls. Abi did all the gluing and practiced some cutting but it was a bit tricky so I cut out most of the outfits for her.

– paper
– pens
– fabric
– scissors
– glue
– string

1. Fold piece of paper in half then in half again like an accordion so when cut the dolls will still be linked by their hands.
2. Draw an outline of a doll and then cut out the shape.
3. Draw pant, tops, skirts, dresses, belts and headband shapes onto fabric scraps.
4. Cut out fabric outfits.
5. Glue fabric outfits onto paper dolls.
6. Draw faces on dolls.
7. Cut string into pieces to be the dolls hair.
8. Soak string in glue and attach to each dolls head.
9. Let dry and then you are done.