Paper Crowns

Does your little one love dressing up? Does your little one love craft projects? Do you want an indoor activity to keep them busy on a rainy day or during Covid 19 lock down? Then this is the perfect activity for you. My two kids loved making these crowns and wore them all day long. You can use whatever resources you have at home to decorate like old magazines, tinfoil, glitter or you could even make a nature crown with leaves and flowers from the garden.

– Card
– Tinfoil
– Glue
– Cellotape
– Scissors
– Craft paper/stickers/glitter/old magazines/crepe paper

1. Cut triangle shapes along one edge of the card to create the crown points.
2. Cut a strip of tinfoil and glue it along the flat edge of the card.
3. Glue on your decorations – craft paper, stickers, glitter, old magazine pictures or crepe paper.
4. Let card dry.
5. Stick edges of the card together with cellotape to make the card into a cylinder shape that fits your child’s head.
6. Let the dress up play begin.