Jam – Edible Christmas Gift

The easiest way to make jam is to buy Chelsea Jam Setting Sugar. There are directions on the pack and you add equal amount of sugar to fruit (for example: 1kg fruit to 1 kg sugar). It is super quick and easy even for first time preservers. At this time of year I go almost weekly to our local berry farm and buy seconds berries to make homemade jam. We also have friends with plum trees who give us plenty of plums to make into jam. Jam or other preserves make an awesome homemade Christmas gift and are perfect for people who already have everything they want or need. You could make it look extra special by making your own labels and adding a bow. For this jam I used a combination of strawberries and boysenberries to make a mixed berry jam. It is delicious.

– Fruit e.g. apricots, strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries.
Chelsea Jam Setting Sugar
– Knob of butter
You will also need approximately 4 – 5 sterilised jars with lids

1. Head to the Chelsea website for method ( https://www.chelsea.co.nz/better-baking/jam-making/step-step-jam/ ) or follow directions on the back of the Chelsea Jam Setting Sugar.