Invisible Art – Crayon and Watercolour Art

This was such a fun activity. Get your children to draw and write messages on white paper using a white crayon then paint over it using watercolours to reveal the message or picture. How does this work? The wax repels the water and water more readily bonds to itself. We decided to use this as an Easter related activity as Easter is not too far away. We drew some Easter eggs in white crayon then painted them with different watercolours. We also painted some watercolour rainbows.

– Watercolour paints
– Paintbrushes
– Water container
– Crayons – white for invisible messages and pictures
– Paper

1. Draw picture on paper using a white crayon.
2. Wet paintbrush and use colour of choice to paint watercolour over top of picture to reveal picture drawn using crayon.
3. You could draw pictures or write secret messages for your friends or siblings to read and see.