Homemade Christmas Gift Tags

For Abigail’s Kindergarten teachers this year I have made homemade Christmas gift tags using her art work. So simple to do and an awesome way to use up the large amount of art pieces she brings home each day. I love reusing her art in different ways and she is always so proud to tell people that she did it. I also try to buy less plastic and one use items such as present labels. We decided to give three of the teachers a bottle of flavoured Grove avocado oil each and for the teacher who is retiring a nice handmade pottery cup made by a local potter Light + Vessel.

– children’s art
– scissors
– marker pen
– old ribbon

1. Draw the outline of a Christmas tree or other shape onto your child’s artwork.
2. Cut around the shape.
3. Cut a small hole in the top of the tree and thread through ribbon.
4. Write name and message on the back of the Christmas tree.
5. Tie to the present.