Handprint and Fingerprint Art

There are so many fantastic ideas out there for fun and effective handprint and fingerprint paintings. My kids love messy play so loved getting there hands dirty and feeling the paint between their fingers. We did two pictures today a flamingo made from a handprint and a bunch of balloons made from fingerprints. They both turned out really awesome. The bunch of balloons would look really cool on the front of a birthday card.

– permanent maker
– plain paper
– finger paint

Flamingo – With a permanent marker draw some feet at the base of you page. Paint hand pink and do a hand print for the flamingo body and finger paint on a neck, head and beak. Once dry use permanent marker to draw on the end of the beak and an eye.
Bunch of Balloons – Use permanent maker to draw a bow and balloon strings. Using finger paint create fingerprint balloons at the end of each string.