Fairy Garden

Today we decided to get crafty outdoors by making a cute little fairy garden in a large pot. Abigail had fun painting some rocks to make a path from our little plant pot house. We made a ice block stick picnic table and three peg fairies using paper doilies for their clothes and wings and wool for their hair. You can use what ever you have available to create a fairy garden and make it as big or as small as you like.

– large pot or garden space
– soil
– flowers, herbs, moss, succulents
– painted rocks
– peg fairies or store bought fairies or small dolls
– small pot or ornament house
– ice block sticks to make furniture (we made a picnic table)
– plant label/sign

1. Fill pot with soil or prepare garden area with new soil.
2. Plant flower/herbs/succulents into soil.
3. Use a permanent marker to draw a door and windows onto a small pot to make a fairy house or place a ornament house onto the soil.
4. Paint rocks and make a path from the front door of the fairy house.
5. Make ice block stick furniture and place this onto the soil.
6. Make peg fairies and arrange them in their fairy garden or use small dolls or store bought fairies.
7. Make a welcome sign using a plant label sign.
8. Place any other treasures you have in your fairy garden e.g. fences, letterbox, gnomes, ponds, trees and animals.