Easy Homemade Puzzle

During lock down we have not been able to purchase or loan any new puzzles so we thought lets make our own. We have also run out of computer ink so I drew pictures by hand but if you have the luxury of a working printer you could just print off a colouring in picture. We watched the movie Garfield then decided to make Garfield and Odie puzzles. This is a fun and simple way to make an activity for your preschooler and you can choose a picture of a character that interests them.

– Permanent maker or printed out picture of your choice
– colouring in pencils, crayons or felts
– paper
– card
– glue
– scissors

1. Draw an outline of a picture of your choice on paper using a permanent maker or alternatively print out a colouring in picture.
2. Get your child to colour in the picture.
3. Glue picture to a piece of A4 card (we used the front and back cover of a magazine).
4. Cut picture into equal parts to create a puzzle. We made a 6 piece puzzle you could make more or less pieces depending on the difficulty level you require for your child.