Easter Egg Colouring – The Big NZ Easter Egg Hunt

Jacinda Ardern our Prime Minster has announced that the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are in fact essential workers and are allowed to collect teeth and deliver Easter treats to our kiwi kids. Although the Easter Bunny may not get around to each house this year so she has asked for New Zealand children’s help to colour in an Easter Egg and place it in your window or near your letterbox for other kids in your neighbourhood to find in an Easter Egg hunt. The picture can be found on her Facebook page. We coloured ours and used tin foil to add detail or you could use Easter Egg wrappers instead. Happy colouring. Also, a shout out to the amazing job our PM is doing she has had a lot to deal with her in her term. #NZEggHunt

– paper
– printer
– colouring in pencils, crayons etc
– tin foil or empty easter egg wrappers
– glue
– scissors

1. Print off the Easter egg picture from Jacinda Ardern’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/jacindaardern/posts/10156811041257441.
2. Colour in the picture.
3. Cut out shapes from tin foil or Easter egg wrappers and glue onto picture.
4. Display in your window or by your letterbox for other kiwi kids to find.