DIY Fabric Advent Calendar

Abigail is 3 years old now so she is understanding more about what all this Christmas hype is about well mainly that there is presents involved of course because she is a kid after all. I wanted to make my children their own advent calendar with pockets so that each year we can change it. We can use them for treats like chocolate or candy canes or each pocket could contain a Christmas related activity like watching a Christmas movie with popcorn or making a gingerbread house. I also like the idea of teaching them that Christmas is about giving so activities like donating to food banks, blankets for animals at SPCA and making cards for friends and family is a great way to teach this. I am always looking for ways to reduce waste so this is perfect instead of buying a cardboard advent calendar with individually wrapped chocolates every year.

– coat hanger
– sewing machine
– white cotton/thread
– 2 white pieces of fabric (50cm by 65cm)
– 24 pieces of assorted fabric for pockets (19cm by 15cm rectangles)
– 24 pieces of paper to write notes on or treats to fill pockets
– ribbon (80cm)

1. To make pockets I folded 1cm of fabric lengthwise along the top of the 19cm by 15cm rectangle fabric and sew this to make the top of the pocket.
2. I then folded the rectangle in half with right sides of fabric together. I sewed a 1cm hem around the two open sides to make a pocket.
3. I then repeated this to make 24 pockets.
4. I placed the 24 pockets onto one piece of white fabric and sewed around each pocket to secure them.
5. I then placed other piece of white fabric on top and sewed around it to make what looked like a pillowcase.
6. Next I cut 4 x 20cm pieces of ribbon and threaded them over the coat hanger and into the pillowcase. I then sewed along the top of the pillowcase to secure the ribbon and coat hanger in place.
7. Display and fill with treats and activity notes.