Cupcake Cases Christmas Tree Cards

This paper cupcake case Christmas tree card craft is a simple and quick preschool activity to prepare. It allows your preschooler to work on folding, cutting and gluing techniques. It will also help your child’s coordination. My daughter really enjoyed making these cards and they looked great. She is looking forward to sending them to her cousins.

– white paper
– green cupcake cases
– gold paper
– brown paper
– PVA glue
– scissors

1. Fold white piece of paper in half to make a card.
2. Cut a small rectangle of brown paper and glue it at the base of the card to be the Christmas tree trunk.
3. Fold one paper cupcake case in half and cut along the fold. Glue this above the tree trunk to be the first layer of the tree.
4. Cut one cupcake case into thirds and glue one of these thirds to the card to be the second layer of the tree.
5. For the third layer, cut a cupcake case into quarters and stick one quarter at the top of the tree shape.
6. Cut a star shape out of the gold paper and glue to the top of your Christmas tree.
7. Let dry and then give to a friend.