Cupcake Case Angels

My kids absolutely love cutting and gluing so make cupcake case Christmas angels was the perfect activity for them. The cupcake cases give the angels a cute textured effect and you can use whatever design you have at home. They will be a great addition to your Christmas display this year.

– white cupcake cases
– white paper
– printed cupcake cases
– pipe cleaners
– felt tip pen
– glue and tape

1. Fold one white cupcake case in half and glue together. Then fold over again and glue down so you have a triangle shape.
2. Cut a circle for the head out of white paper.
3. Cut two wing shapes out of the printed cupcake case.
4. Glue the wings to the white triangle angel body.
5. Glue on the circle for the head.
6. Draw on a face.
7. Make a halo out of the pipe cleaner by twisting it into a small circle on a stick. Tape it to the back of the circle head.
8. Let dry and display.