Contact Paper Floral Christmas Tree

How cute is this floral contact paper Christmas tree window decal? Super cute right! Both my 3 year old and nearly 2 year old were very engaged in sticking the flowers to the sticky paper. This activity could definitely be done with younger toddlers as the flowers easily stick to the paper. You could use beads, buttons, sequins etc if you prefer. I like the idea of collecting flowers from outside to use in their craft. It adds another element to the activity. You could use the same technique to make bauble decorations by making a card circle outline with contact paper in the middle for your child to decorate and hang on the tree.

– contact paper/clear book covering
– masking tape
– flowers – we used hydrangeas
– scissors
– pen

1. Draw an outline of a 3 tier Christmas tree onto the backing paper of your contact paper.
2. Cut along the outline you have drawn. Trace around the cut out onto more backing paper and cut out a second tree.
3. Peel off the backing slowly as you use masking tape at the same time to secure the tree shape to your window. Put masking tape on along all edges of the tree to ensure it is well stuck to the window.
4. Cut the individual flower stems off the hydrangea flowers and place in a bowl.
5. Let your kids go for it, sticking the flowers all over the contact paper Christmas tree.
6. Carefully place second contact paper Christmas tree shape over the tree on the window. This will hold the flowers in place.