Chocolate Biscuit Reindeer

Chocolate biscuit reindeers are a great Christmas morning tea option when you don’t have time to bake any biscuits. They are super easy to do and both kids and adults will enjoy eating them. You could even get the kids to make the reindeers for you.

– store-brought Tim Tams or Chocolate Sandwiches
– pretzels
– Jaffas
– sugar pearls/sprinkles
For icing –
– 1 1/2 C icing sugar
– 25g butter, softened
– 1 T hot water

1. Prepare the icing by combining icing sugar, butter and hot water in a bowl.
2. Use the icing as a glue to stick decorations to the chocolate biscuit.
3. Begin with putting a little bit of icing onto a Jaffa and placing it two-thirds of the way down on the rectangle biscuit. This will be the nose.
4. Put some icing on the bottom of two pretzels and place one on each side of the biscuit at the top.
5. Pipe two dots of icing in between the pretzels and the Jaffa and attach two sugar pearls to be the reindeers eyes. Let set then eat.