Cardboard Telescope Projector

As we are all at home and can only shop for essential items it is always good to have a few craft ideas up your sleeve that use items we already have. Your kids will have so much fun after dark with their cardboard telescope projector. We used Easter egg wrappers to decorate our telescope but you could use felts or paint whatever you have at home. We also used a sequin shaped like a butterfly for our projected image but you can simply cut out a shape using paper.

– cardboard tube (empty baking paper or tinfoil tube)
– glue stick
– Easter egg wrappers/magazine
– scissors
– cling wrap
– sequin shape or cut out a paper shape (we used a butterfly sequin)

1. Cut out pictures from a magazine or collect Easter egg wrappers.
2. Apply glue to cardboard tube and completely cover cardboard with wrappers or pictures.
3. Place a piece of cling wrap over one end of the cardboard tube and secure with tape.
4. Tape sequin/paper shape onto the cling wrap at the end of the cardboard tube.
5. Wait until it is dark and flash a torch light or phone light through the tube to project the image on the walls. Have fun.