Cardboard/Paper Bunny

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter at home within your bubbles. Here is one final Easter activity you can do with your little ones. Cardboard bunnies are simple to create and fun to play with once completed. If you don’t have craft paper or googly eyes you can simply paint colour and draw features on your bunny. Have fun getting creative.

– toilet roll or cardboard tube
– craft paper
– 1 small pompom
– 2 googly eyes
– string or thread
– tape or glue
– scissors

1. Cut out enough craft paper to completely cover the toilet roll. Use tape to secure to toilet roll.
2. Cut two bunny ears and two feet shapes from craft paper. Use tape to secure these to the toilet roll.
3. Next put tape on each googly eye and secure at the top of the tube.
4. Place a piece of double-sided tape in the middle of the tube and stick down 3 pieces of thread for the bunny’s whiskers.
5. Finally place another piece of tape on top of the middle of the thread and secure the pompom bunny nose.
6. Play with your cardboard bunny.