Bubble Wrap Painting – Christmas Cards

This activity requires very little preparation and is super fun for the kids. Not only is bubble wrap fun to pop, it is also fun to paint with as it gives a cool circle effect to your children’s art. I decided that we should make Christmas tree and star stencils so we could make cards for Abigail’s kindergarten teachers. It is also a great way to reuse bubble wrap instead of throwing it straight in the rubbish bin.

– bubble wrap
– marker pen
– scissors
– paper
– paint

1. Draw desired shapes onto the back of bubble wrap (Christmas trees, stars, hearts, triangles etc).
2. Cut along the outlines.
3. Place paint into a container and lightly press bubble wrap stencil into paint and then press onto paper. You don’t want too much paint on the stencil as the circle pattern won’t come out as well.
4. Optional – Outline the shape with a marker pen to help the shape stand out.