Simple Worm Farm

– plastic container (I cut the top off a 1.5 litre soft drink bottle)
– 5 earthworms
– soil
– sand
– dry leaves
– compost
– rubber band
– breathable fabric for the lid (I used a small baby face cloth)
– a piece of paper and tape

1. Go on an adventure around the garden with your children to collect all the items needed to make your worm farm. I used old plant pots for the children to collect each item in.
2. Cut the top off your soft drink bottle and make a few holes in the bottom.
3. You are now going to make six layers. First layer soil, then sand, then compost, then dry leaves, then soil again and lastly another layer of soil.
4. Now add your earthworms.
5. Cover with cloth and secure this with a rubber band.
6. Cover the container with paper and secure with tape to keep the container nice and dark for the worms.
7. After a few days you will see the layers begin to mix as the worms digest the material and turn it all into compost.