Simple Bug Hotel

Both my kids love being outside so this activity was perfect for them. They loved collecting rocks, leaves, bark and sticks from around our garden to put into the bug hotel. It required little preparation by me which is always an activity win in my books.

– plastic soft drink bottle
– sticks
– rocks
– pine cones
– leaves
– bamboo
– anything you can find around your garden that would make a nice home for bugs
– string – if you want to hang your bug hotel

1. Cut top and bottom off plastic bottle so you are left with the middle segment.
2. Loop string around the plastic cylinder to make a handle for your bug hotel (see picture).
3. Begin layering your materials inside your bug hotel, we started with sticks and broke them into pieces to fit.
4. We then added bark, leaves and rocks.
5. Make sure it is packed tightly so that nothing falls out.
6. Hang in the garden or find a home on the ground for your bug hotel. Check back to see what bugs your hotel their home.