Nature Mobile

Making a nature mobile combines both craft and outdoor play. You child gets to go on a hunt around the garden for colourful flowers, leaves and sticks, to then use in a craft project to display in their bedroom. This activity required a lot of my help as both my children are quite young so aren’t quite at the knot tying age. My daughter was able to pull each knot tight for me after I looped it around the items. She was also able to tread the string through the leaves. Great for hand eye coordination. My son loved collecting the items from around the garden in a basket then tipping it out and sweeping it up again.

– sticks
– twine/string
– scissors
– flowers
– bark
– leaves
– anything you can find in your backyard that you can hang onto string

1. Go on a hunt in the backyard to find things to hang on your nature mobile, we got flowers, bark and leaves.
2. Tie one large piece of string to each end of a stick to create a handle to hang your mobile from.
3. Tie a few pieces of string from the stick to hang your items from. We did four pieces of string that were approximately 30cm long.
4. Tie your items to the string.
5. Display your mobile. We hung ours on my daughter’s wardrobe handle in her bedroom.