Our kids just love being outside, do your kids too? Gardening is a great reason to get outside. I think it is a very valuable skill to teach children how to grow food and show them where food comes from. Most kids like getting dirty, playing with dirt and water so this is the perfect activity for getting them to learn at the same time. We have only been growing our own fruit and vegetables for a couple of years so we are learning alongside our children about what we can grow in our soil and climate. I like to plant fruit and vegetables with the kids because then they get to eat what they have grown but you may choose flowers or other plants like swan plants which monarch butterflies eat and lay their eggs on and children can learn about the life cycle of the butterfly. We planted a couple of swan plants by our playground so that the children could see the butterflies and caterpillars more frequently.

– planter box, pots or dug out vegetable patch
– soil/compost
– seeds or seedlings
– watering can or hose

1. Get child to dig a hole in soil.
2. Carefully place the roots of the plant into the hole in the soil.
3. Cover roots with soil and pat down.
4. Water plant daily with watering can or hose.
5. Watch it grow and then eat your homegrown produce. Yum!