Coloured Oats Sensory Bin

Both Abigail and Miles loved this coloured oats sensory bin. This sensory bin could be made with rice or pasta too. The beauty of sensory bins is that you can use what ever toys or utensils you have and the kids will find it entertaining whatever you give them.

– tray/tub
– 4 cups of oats
– water
– 4 different colours of food colouring (we used yellow, blue, red and purple)
– toys and utensils ( we used measuring spoons and cups, duplo cars, silicone cupcake casws and small plastic containers)
– a towel/mat to make clean up easier or do it outside

1. In a bowl mix 1.5 T of water with a few drops of food colouring. Add 1 cup of oats. This should be enough liquid to coat the oats without making them too soggy.
2. Mix until evenly coloured, place on paper towel to dry (1 hour).
3. Repeat with each colour.
4. Place dry coloured oats in 4 lines on tray. It should look like a rainbow, see picture above.
5. Add washable toys and utensils.
6. Let the children play!