Cotton Bud Tree Painting
Chia Seed Slime
Easter Bunny Basket
Simple Worm Farm
Simple Bug Hotel
Counting in Nature
Coloured Oats Sensory Bin
Trucks and Diggers Sand Box
Name Art
Bubbles and Cleaning Toys
Slip and Slide Soapy Trampoline
Birds nest
Nature Mobile
Rock Painting, Hiding and Hunting
Oil and Dish Washing Liquid Experiment/Shaker
Pine Cone Christmas Tree
Salt Dough Christmas Decorations
Cupcake Cases Christmas Tree Cards
Contact Paper Floral Christmas Tree
Up-cycled Christmas Crayons
DIY Fabric Advent Calendar
Bubble Wrap Painting – Christmas Cards
Homemade Christmas Gift Tags
Letter to Santa
Toothbrush Painting
Painting with Water
Cookie Cutter Painting
Leaf Art – Lions
Indoor Obstacle Course
Invisible Art – Crayon and Watercolour Art
Paper Crowns
Spa Day
Shaving Cream Sensory Play
Kids Restaurant
Shadow Drawings/Tracing
Car Wash
Toilet Roll Ball Run
Chalk Pavement Games
Lock Down Neighbourhood Scavenger Hunt
Fairy Garden
Easter Egg Colouring
Bunny Ears Headband
Cardboard/Paper Bunny
Cardboard Telescope Projector
Simple letters and Numbers Whiteboard
Easy Homemade Puzzle
ANZAC Day Poppy Collage
Handprint and Fingerprint Art
Flower Petal Dress Art
Recycled Bottle Aeroplane
Paper Weaving
Paper Dolls – Fabric Clothes
Autumn Leaves Butterfly
Autumn Leaves Hedgehog
Pavement Chalk Scenes
Ladybug Counting Game
Lavender Playdough
Symmetrical Drawings for Preschoolers

Reindeer Decoration
Cupcake Case Angels
Cotton Wool Santa Craft
Wool Wreath Craft
Easter Bunny Collage
Bottle Cap Anzac Poppy Painting