Jamie’s Ultimate Veg is Great Inspiration

As you can probably already tell from my blog we are a family who cooks predominantly vegetarian meals at home. I don’t label myself as a vegetarian as I eat meat when out and when other people prepare it for me in their homes. I don’t think I need a label on my diet but if people ask I just say that I like to make balanced healthy dinners that are mainly vegetarian for environmental reasons.

Every Thursday night I have been tuning into TVNZ 1 at 7.30pm to watch Jamie’s Ultimate Veg. It is a great watch and I highly recommend it if you are wanting some ideas for incorporating some vegetarian meals into your diet. Jamie really does know how flavour combinations work together and how to make vegetables sing. He travels the world and brings techniques he has learnt back home to England to create new and exciting veggie recipes. It does make me super jealous seeing him travel to such amazing countries and getting to eat delicious food. I guess I will be adding a lot of countries to my foodie bucket list. Jamie’s recipes are easy to follow and are always successful.

So far we have made at least one recipe from each episode we have watched. The Scruffy Aubergine Lasagne was an awesome recipe as there was no mucking around with a cheese sauce and did not end up with a kitchen full of dishes. The Veggie Pasties were encased in deliciously buttery homemade pastry and the way the mushrooms were prepared for the filling created a nice savoury flavour.

Whether you are already a vegetarian looking for more inspiration or a meat eater who just wants to start meat free Mondays then I strongly recommend you tune in on Thursday or watch on TVNZ on demand to check out what Jamie is cooking next.

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