What To Buy 2 Year Old Boys?

Miles turned 2 on Wednesday and celebrated his birthday over the weekend with family and friends. He was extremely lucky and received so many wonderful gifts. I know it can be hard choosing a gift for someone and also if you do not have children or someone in your household a similar age. I know I always walk around wondering what older kids would be into because I only have little people. So, I have taken photos and complied a list of all the gifts that our son got for his birthday. Note that he absolutely loves each and every one of these toys.

Firstly what he got from Mum and Dad:
– Wooden Train Set from Kmart
– Colouring in book, crayons and stickers from The Warehouse
– Busy Airport book from The Warehouse
– Reusable Crocheted Water Balls from Felt.co.nz
– Toy Drill from Mitre 10

Secondly what he got from all our family and friends:
– Hape All-in-one Easel
– Paint and Paintbrushes
– Chalk
– Playdough
– Whiteboard markers
– Bubbles
– Crayons
– Books
– Musical Table
– Puzzles
– Toy Tractor
– Numbers Flash Cards
– Road Floor Play Mat
– Toy Police Car
– Tool Belt
– Trucks, Diggers, Loaders
– Swimming Fish for the bath

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