Camping With Toddlers Checklist

Last week we went on our first camping trip as a family. The car was full to the brim with bedding piled under the kids legs and absolutely no view out the back window. To be honest I was a little worried with how it would all go but I shouldn’t have been as it was amazing. The kids loved it as they got a lot of attention as we weren’t busy trying to do the normal jobs around home. We had fun cooking over an open fire, exploring rock pools and paddling in the river. My husband took Abi down a little rapid on a blow up ring, might be a few years before she is ready to go further down the river. We did alright on the packing list front but there were a couple of things that we left off. So I decided to make a list and share it with you all if you are planning your first camping trip with little ones I hope it comes in handy.

– Tent
– Airbeds/stretchers/portacot
– Sleeping bags/blankets
– Pillows
– Marshmallows (for toasting)
-BBQ Hot plate (for putting on open fire for cooking)
– BBQ tongs/spatula
– Plates/bowls/utensils
– Cups/mugs/drink bottles
– Coffee plunger (tea and coffee)
– Lighter/matches
– Winter PJs (gets very cold at night even in the summer)
– Gazebo/tarp/rope
– Clothesline pegs
– First aid kit/pamol/bonjela/nappy cream/insect bite cream
– Hats/sunglasses
– Sunscreen
– Kids sun umbrella
– Scissors
– Tub to wash dishes in
– Tray for cooked food
– Container with lid for leftovers
– Knife/Chopping board
– Water toys/sand toys/floating rings
– Togs/towels
– Soap/toothbrushes/toothpaste/medications/lip balm
– Insect repellent/citronella candles
– Speaker/radio
– Newspaper/kindling
– Gumboots/sandals/jandels
– Frisbee/ball/playing cards/board games
– Colouring books/pencils/magazines/books
– Gas cooker
– Water
– Torch/batteries/head light
– Toilet paper
– Jackets
– Nappies/wipes/rubbish bag
– Hammer/axe
– Picnic blankets/camping chairs/camping table
– Pots/frypan
– Oil
– Chilly bins/ice packs
– Dish brush/cloths/tea towels/dish liquid
– Can opener
– Beanie/gloves/socks
– Underwear/t-shirts/shorts/pants/jerseys
– Wet-bag for laundry

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